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Every landlord desires quality tenants and we commit to fulfil your desire. Due to the rise in the number of students studying abroad, there is a soaring demand for accommodation. At 'Feel at Home', we provide assistance for the tenants and landlords to meet their demands through a smooth and hassle-free house/apartment rental process. For landlords, this means a stress-free and steady income, relieving them from any concerns regarding maintenence of their property. At Feel at Home, we have a team in place to ensure proper safety and cleanliness of your property. We have hundreds of landlords who enjoy our service.

Our surety to the landlords

  • Smooth and Hassle-Free Rental Agreement

    Landlord like you choose Feel At Home Ltd to manage your property, the rental agreement will be with the landlord and us. So you would not need to deal with each tenant which gives you complete peace of mind.

  • Proper maintenance of the property.

    Our team always ensures and takes care of the proper maintenance of the property. Our team checks the property and surrounding to ensure it is properly maintained.

  • Timely maintenance of the property 

    We have a strict set of payment rules which the tenant has to agree on paper, which makes the payment on time.

  • Tenant Replacement Policy

    One of the difficult situations most of the landlords have to go through is tenant replacement. If you choose Feel At Home Ltd you won't need to worry about it ever.

  • Strict House Policy

    Each tenant has to agree and abide by the house policies which each landlord demands in their property. Our team closely watches to ensure the tenants follow the house policies properly, if not strict actions will be taken.